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News - April 2008

Ryanair launches new routes to Málaga!

The low budget Irish airline has announced a number of new routes from the UK to Málaga.

In April, new services will be available from East Midlands (Nottingham), Liverpool and Bournemouth and in May they will be opening a service from Edinburgh.

This continues to highlight the importance of Málaga’s Pablo Ruiz Picasso airport and the value of the current expansion plans.

Whilst many speculators are questioning the popularity of Southern Spain as a destination for Brits, the emergence of these new services further increases the connectivity and affordability of flights to Málaga.

Is it a bird, is it a plane or is it the Environment Protection Prosecutors Office?

When you next see a helicopter hovering overhead you may well ask yourself what they are doing up there.

Well, the answer may well be that it is one of the new patrols sent out across the Málaga province to control the spread of illegal homes and extensions. The Environment Protection Prosecutors office are joining forces with the Guardia Civil and taking to the air to photograph and video vast swathes of the countryside.

These patrols will be hovering over areas such as the Axarquia and the Costa del Sol in the coming months to check the actual situation on the ground compared with the records held at the Catatsro and Registro del Propiedad.

The message has to be – check the legality of any property that you are considering to buy and use the services of a good quality, independent lawyer.

Antequera’s alcazaba restoration is nearly complete

The works to the beautiful castle on the hill overlooking the city of Antequera are soon to be completed.

The castle which has been closed for almost two years is set to re-open its doors to the public in September of this year.

Visitors are likely to be charged an entry fee although this has not been confirmed at this stage. An area is being created which will be used during the summer months for outdoor entertainment and concerts.



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