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News - November 2007

The end of Buy to let in the UK could be the start of Buy to let abroad

The recent changes to Capital Gains Tax in the UK as outlined in the pre-budget statement may well bring an end to the 10 year binge on Buy to let in the UK.

Changes coming in to force in April 2008 will allow investors to dispose of their buy to let properties without the need to hold onto the property for as long as ten years.

Early indications are that as much as 30% of all buy to let properties could be up for sale once the new tax laws are in place.

This is good news for those investors who have many properties and want to create cash in the short term. It could also allow those investors to seek new avenues for their cash.

With the interest in foreign homes still not diminishing, there is every chance that investors will look at the benefits of buying their next Buy to let property in a foreign country.

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