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News - October 2007

Not all bad news!

Whilst some newspapers are always going to target the negative headlines as seen above, there are more and more articles showing that the right way to view any property market is with a balanced approach.

A recent article in the Daily Telegraph highlights those areas of Spain, which have not suffered in the same way as the likes of the Costa Blanca and the densely populated areas of the Costa del Sol.

The article suggests that whilst prices across the whole of Spain have dropped by just over 1% in recent months, this has to be considered in light of the 200% increase over the last decade.

Thankfully, the climate in Spain is still one of the key drivers for people choosing their next home away from “home”. The popularity of Spain still accounts for 30% of the overseas holiday home market, which means that demand is still there.

Spain is easily reached with the help of budget airlines, the quality of life is still dramatically better than that of northern European countries and the overall cost of living is significantly lower than that of the UK.

Most people that buy a property in Spain do so out of a wish to change their lifestyle. The investment return they look for is not necessarily a financial one but is more social. How can you quantify the benefits of living in Spain simply in pounds or euros – there is so much more to life than that!

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