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Antequera is known as the “Crossroads of Andalucia”. This is primarily due to its central location within Andalucia and its fabulous road and rail connections with each of the main cities within the region.

Whilst those visitors to Andalucia may well pass Antequera on their way to another destination within the area there is every justification for a stopover in Antequera itself. The city boasts an incredibly colourful history from the Phoenicians, Romans and the Moors right through to modern times.

The city of Antequera has been left with influences from each of its inhabitants – the dolmens (ancient burial grounds) are evidence of the earliest humans inhabiting the area and there are many Roman remains to be found in and around the city. More recently the Re-conquest has created a Baroque architecture, which is evident within many of the city’s older churches.

The importance of Antequera to the region has not diminished with time – today the city is an extremely modern place with industrial and commercial centres on the outskirts, a forward thinking attitude to development and tourism that has meant that the city has become popular with visitors and full time residents alike.

Whilst offering modern facilities such as hospitals, sports centres, golf courses etc the city is also able to maintain a rather chic appearance and offers a wealth of individual shopping and eating opportunities as well as the odd fast food option!

One of the best ways to see Antequera is to approach the city from the El Torcal. This will allow you a panoramic view across the city and a chance to spot some of the 42 churches in view. As a backdrop to this view, La Peña de los Enamorados is a natural landmark, which also has a colourful history – local folklore claims that a Christian man and a Moorish woman were lovers and because of their families concern at the mix of cultures they threw themselves off the top of the mountain in desperation!

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